Black Baron is an RP villain created by Elcidman and an enemy of the Alpha Avengers.  He is a mutant who uses
dark magic. 

First battle with the Alpha AvengersEdit

The Black Baron used an apparition of a giant Chitauri to attack Manhattan so that the Alpha Avengers would fight

Black Baron's eyes when he possesses people

it and fall into his trap.  Stampede, Grundi Olafson, and Latticus all teamed up and defeated the Chitauri, then they fought the real challenge, the Black Baron himself.   The Black Baron used his possession powers to take over the bodies of innocent civilians and control their deepest darkest emotions, he then used the possessed civilians to attack Stampede.  Stampede, although he felt pity for the possessed people, killed all of them at once.   The Black Baron proved to be a challenge for the Alpha Avengers, because of his dark magic, ability to mimic others powers, and possession abilities.  In the end, Latticus used a black hole and the Black Baron was sucked into it, his body was disintegrated but his soul escaped in time.  His soul possessed one of the humans he controlled, giving the

The man who Black Baron possessed

human his powers and abilities.  He then told the Avengers that they "would meet again" and disappeared....

Final battle with Latticus and deathEdit

Black Baron bumped into Latticus one day, while in town.  Latticus recognized him and the two had a fight, when really, the Baron was trying to escape because his body was dying and he needed to possess a new human.  In the fight, his body began to get older and he was weaker, he transferred his consciousness to a random civilian so he could survive longer.   In this body, the Baron used all of the darkness and evil in the man's body to create a new form for himself, a new demon body.  When this happened, Grundi came to the aid of Latticus and helped him fight the Black Baron in his new body.  The Baron created a giant spider to attack them, but the spider was killed by Grundi and it failed.  Then finally, the Baron drained life force from humans around him and changed back into his real form, the first body he had used when he fought the Alpha Avengers for the first time.  Latticus used his adamantium claws to cut off Black Baron's head and he died, because this was the only weakness that immortals have.  His body was turned into ashes and placed into a tank at the Alpha Avengers HQ lab where he would be examined by scientists.  This was so he couldn't start regenerating cells and come back again, after all, he was still virtually immortal......


Dark magic                                                                                          

Can shoot shadow orbs

Healing factor

Ability to copy others powers


Mind Control

Can transform into a demon like creature