Grundi Olafson is an Asgardian warrior who was sent to Earth to protect it from evil.  He is a member of the Alpha Avengers, alongside Stampede.  He is the main RP character of Imperial Wyrm.  Grundi is 19 years old.


Grundi was the son of Olaf Ottarson, a high ranking Asgardian warrior.  His mother was also a warrior, she was Nauma the warrior maiden.  His parents raised him from a young age to be a fighter.  They taught him how to use a sword, shoot a bow, and fight with his fists and feet.  He was also taught how to ride a horse.  He attended the Warrior Academy for Asgardian Boys and Girls and was bullied but never lost a fight.  

When Grundi was fifteen he graduated from the warrior academy and became a soldier in the Asgardian cavalry.  
He fought frost giants and dark elves on horseback, defending Asgard's borders.  Eventually he became a high ranking general just like his mother and father were, he earned medals for defeating powerful frost giants.  

Eventually, Grundi left the military so he could go to Earth and fight against alien invaders.  Once, Grundi had to go back to Asgard to talk to Odin about something.  That is when he met Stampede, who was called to Asgard by Thor, and became good friends with him.  Grundi joined the Alpha Avengers as one of its founding members, being a friend of Stampede. 

Fight with Black Baron Edit

Grundi helped Stampede and Latticus defeat a giant Chitauri who was being controlled by the Black Baron.  Grundi weakened Black Baron by stabbing him so that Latticus could trap him in a portal.  However,  Black Baron's soul escaped and possessed the body of a civilian.  After this, he escaped.  

When Latticus met the Black Baron in the city again, Grundi came to his aid to fight against Black Baron.  This time, Grundi and Latticus defeated him in his demon form and killed his real body.  Even though he was immortal, the Baron was killed when Latticus cut off his head.  This being the only weakness immortals had. 


Grundi is intelligent and usually uses big words.  He has a short temper but he still tries to be polite to people and use good manners.  He hates being stared at, he feels that when people stare at him they are mocking him.  When in public, Grundi will get stared at for the way he dresses or because of the way he talks. 

Like Thor, Grundi has a warrior's pride and he rejoices in his many victories and won battles.  If someone calls him a coward or a weakling he will get angry and prove that he is most certainly...NOT a weakling. 


Grundi has a superhuman jumping ability, he can leap over a tall building in a single bound.  He also has superhuman strength and can lift up a bus and smash metal like iron and steel.  Being Asgardian, he doesn't age,

Grundi's axe, the legendary Steelcutter

he stays in his prime.  However, Grundi may not age but he can still die, if he is killed in combat.  

Grundi is a good swordsman and archer, he is also a good martial artist. 

Weapons Edit

Frostslayer - His sword. 

Rocksmasher - His bow, made of steel and wood.

Steelcutter  - His axe.