Jose Swagster


Human. A grand Martial artist abilities.

Social Status:

Has a natural gift of charming females.As well as being very popular.

Overall characteristics:

Between Neutral and Good.

Magic powers:

To do ki blasts,instant transmission,and controlling peoples minds.

                       Jose Swagster got his powers because one day he was at a fortune teller's shop becaus he was  

entering a martial arts tournament and was so eager to see who was going to be the champion there and his so called "swag" must of had the best of him towards the female fourtune teller.So when she saw in her fourtune ball about who was going to be the champion it wasn't him and she told him. Since she had a thing for him, she gave him some magical urbs and charms in order for him to win the tournament since there was going to be alien martial artists  at the tournament as well. Come to find out that "fourtune teller" became his lover after he became champion at the tournament.