Mr Smasher

Mr Smasher (real name Tony Rick) is a scientist who got his powers in an accident similar to The Hulk.


He has blue skin, red suit and black belt with green gloves. He has a similar bodybuild to The Hulk. He has green eyes as Mr Smasher and blue as Tony Rick. His hair and mustache is the same color in both forms. Unlike the Hulk, Tony can transform whenever he wants and he keeps his intelligence. 


As he is powered by gamma radiation, he got incredible powers like The Hulk. But some abilites are diffrent.

  • Super strength- He can normaly lift 100 000 tons, but when the more he fights, he gets stronger.
  • Regeneration- Like The Hulk, he can heal himself very fast.
  • Super jump- He can jump 500 meters from the ground and lands without getting hurt.
  • Freeze sight- Mr Smasher can use lasers from his eyes which freeze the enemy.