Roy Howard, or most commonly known as Sentinel by citizens of Arsel City. Sentinel is the main superhero of Arsel City, and is a member of the Alpha Avengers. Sentinel's abilities consist of the power to control metal, and electricity with magnetic force.
Sentinel vs Tank

Sentinel destroying an invading tank when helping in the war.


Gaining AbilitiesEdit

When in his lab inventing a suit with abilities similar to that of Magneto's he was finally finished, and ready to take it to his bosses who would then sell this suit to the millitary for millions of dollars. He tried the suit on, but was shocked  nearly to death. He layed there, near death on his cold lab floor. He finally got up 9 hours later, but felt weird and didn't go to work. He had tooken the suit off but was still being shocked when touching metal. After 4 months, he had not left his home at all. The neighbors got suspicious, and came knocking. He answered, but when turning the metal knob he was shocked and was annoyed by it. He rampaged, controlling static power and metal, destroying the city. He went into hiding for a year, and returned to his home after. He made a costume, a name, and tools then burned his home down. From then on, Roy Howard was dead, and Sentinel was born! He then swore to protect Arsel City from any threat, with his life.


Sentinel's abilities consist of the power to control metal, and electricity with magnetic force. He has adapted and gained minor super strength, and speed. He can minipulate electricity and metal together and creates dangerous combat weapons, and even minions to help in combat. He can generate magnetic force as energy, and a power source. He can mix it all into a laser like substance, and fire powerful beams that can burn a field over 4 miles.

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